1. my poem Ornamental Onion on ACTION, YES! 

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  3. beauty doesn’t grow old, it just dies, and you are left wearing the corpse

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  7. Penny easydraw nude by Arran


  8. 2day i am wearing floor-length fear

  9. 'Honestly I would be doing the world a great disservice by not ending it with one of my all-time favorite writers, Penny Goring. One day I hope to meet Penny Goring and discuss the important things in life. The work of Penny Goring is quite frankly stunning.

    While she only has one piece in here the benefit of the collection is that there are plenty more pieces to explore..’

    beach sloth reviews zoomoozophone

  11. chairs for ded ppl 

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  14. sucha COOL drem <3

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