1. you can’t beat an empty room

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  4. A is for futile

  5. self as rubbish

  6. vidpoem: BIG BANANAS on glittermob <3

    + Kim Vodicka Kelly Schirmann Luis Silva Tyler Gobble n more

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    EVERYWHERECLOUD is shapes and patterns and gifs and abstraction. it’s a newhive piece with thought and color and makes me feel like i took the smoothest possible acid.


    penny goring tells us that terrible things happen. she tells us this and sends us a wink via our computer to show us that she knows what’s up. she knows how terrible things in our lives can be. so instead of dwelling on our own seemingly pathetic lives, we can click on this link and be transported to penny’s where we move through this presentation of chaos and the unknown until we reach the end. then we can go back to our seemingly pathetic lives.


    penny goring shows us pain. and fear, and invisibility. and sinking, and disappearance. she shows us dysfunction. we see it all clearly.


    but there is also a mixture of beauty, which can be either a cliché if done poorly or a pang in someone’s chest if done well. penny goring complements her own piece by combining disorder with lively flowers to give the watcher a sense of calm, then immediately screening a lively gif image reading BLACKPLASTIC, and honestly, how nonrepresentational is the thought of black plastic? i know it’s everywhere but i can never picture it. penny goring is good at demonstrating this.


    when you get to the videos portrayed as a cross, play all of them at the same time if possible. you will be able to feel clouds everywhere.


    EVERYWHERECLOUD aka penny goring’s words and images all have a common theme, which is that all of the portions that come together are entirely intrinsic to the rest of the piece’s existence.  shapes and patterns and gifs and abstractions aside, we get black holes.  we get












    we get penny goring telling us she hates us which is done with so much musicality. i love the fact that penny goring hates me.


    find penny goring here and here


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  10. The Volta NSFW issue — including poems n vids from me, Lucas de Lima, Kate Durbin, Steve Roggenbuck, Melissa Broder, Johannes Goransson, Ben Fama, Lonely Christopher, Kim Vodicka, Dodie Bellamy, and more. ALSO! this pic + more from Rauan Klassnik 

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  15. legs as betrayers
    walkin u to wrong places
    in an ideal world we would just throb n sway